Give back the cell phone

Collection and recycling of mobile phones carried out by the Foundation Zoo Wrocław Dodo.

The African continent is very rich in deposits of valuable minerals, oil and gas.

Precious and rare metals are used in the production of mobile phones. It’s tantalum, gold, tungsten and tin! Their extraction increases and destroys the natural environment. Tantalum is used to make very small capacitors necessary for the operation of almost all electronic devices (including cell phones and computers). It is obtained from the coltan ore mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the last place where okapi occurs.

The extraction of valuable metal deposits in the Democratic Republic of Congo causes direct environmental pollution, but also a 20-year war that has already claimed over 5 million lives! The war for minerals, known as “blood minerals”, is a threat to humans and animals!

Valuable minerals are also found in Burundi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa. In recent years, the production of oil and gas in Africa has increased. The largest importer of these raw materials is China, which buys drilling and mining concessions in Angola, Nigeria, Niger, Sudan, Guinea, Chad and Libya. Roads are created through virgin forests and previously inaccessible deserts, which contributes to the growth of poaching and trade in wild, endangered species of animals such as African manatees, saber-horned oryxes and fencers.

Along with increasing production, the transport of minerals and oil from Africa along the southern coast of the continent is increasing, causing more frequent ecological disasters than before. They already threaten the very small population of African penguins in South Africa.

You can oppose it! Don’t throw away your old cell phones! Recycle them and you will reduce the demand for mining!

Please recycle your old phone at the Zoo in Wrocław. At the Customer Service Point (without having to enter the Zoo) there is a can in which you can put a phone.

All recycled money will directly help save animals! We will donate them to the Okapi conservation reserve in Congo, we will support the research of African manatees in West Africa and the oryx breeding project in North Africa. We will conduct an educational campaign against the trade of fennecs and other wild animals in Morocco. We will join the penguin rescue operation in South Africa from environmental disasters.

By giving away your used phone you are reducing the mining industry in Africa – you are helping animals!

If you do not live in Wrocław, please give the phone to the recycling company and transfer the money to the Foundation’s account: 89 1020 5226 0000 6102 0547 2040 with the note CELLS.

We are looking for action partners willing to set up a can in their company. Please contact us: tel: 502 579 238; e-mail:

One dedicated old phone is double the profit: reduces mining, helps save animals!

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